Advanced Reservations Systems, Inc. (aRes)

The Hotel Page of your registration will show the most up to date availability within the Microsoft Ignite block of rooms. If you are unable to find a reservation for your entire length of stay via the Microsoft Ignite registration site, you will have the opportunity to book in an official Microsoft Ignite hotel through an alternative booking engine. To access this site, you will need to complete your Microsoft Ignite conference registration and the link will be available on the hotel page of the registration process. Space and rates are subject to availability.

aRes is a separate hotel reservation booking tool and is not connected to your Microsoft Ignite registration. Space and rate are subject to availability. Reservations made with the aRes system will not appear in the Hotel Reservation portion of your registration. aRes may assess a $5.99 (or otherwise noted) per night booking fee that will be immediately charged to your credit card upon booking. Please read all booking policies carefully, as some bookings require that the full stay is pre-paid at the time of booking. All hotel booking fees and cancellation policies are set forth by aRes.

*Advanced Reservations Systems, Inc. website booking engine is not hosted by the Microsoft Ignite Event Planning Team, Microsoft or Opus Agency. The Microsoft Ignite Event Planning Team, Microsoft and Opus Agency are not responsible for collecting any fees associated with higher rates, no show fees or any agreements made between you and aRes. Nightly rate and fees are established by aRes and cannot be modified by members of the Microsoft Ignite Event Planning Team, Microsoft or Opus Agency.

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