Registration Discounts / Group Discounts

Send more than 10 attendees from your company at the full conference rate ($2,395) and take advantage of free passes pending approval of your completed request form. Bulk discount requests will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed after September 10, 2019. Bulk discounts are now sold out.

  • Buy 10 at regular price ($2,395); receive 1 free full conference pass (9 percent discount)

After submitting your request:

  • Your request will be reviewed and processed within two (2) business days. Incomplete forms will not be processed.
  • The Microsoft Ignite Registration Team will email you with the unique registration code your organization's attendees must use during the registration process. Your unique registration code will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Registrations using your unique code will be charged the full conference rate ($2,395). All paid passes must first be used before the complimentary pass(es) are provided. Once the required number of paying attendees have registered and paid, contact the Microsoft Ignite Registration Team to receive the code for your complimentary pass(es).
  • The bulk discount cannot be combined with any other discount or offer, including the use of Premier Hours for payment.
  • Because of limited space available at the event, all paid registrations must be completed and payment received by September 10, 2019 to qualify for the discount. After September 10, or if the event reaches capacity prior, available registrations on your unique code are no longer guaranteed, and you may not qualify to receive your free pass(es).
  • Cancellation Policy: Bulk discount registrations on your code are not eligible for refunds. Ensure that all registrants from your company/organization will attend the event before they register with your unique code.
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