Substitutions and Name Changes

To request a substitution you may return to your registration account online through Returning Services and select “Substitute another person for this registration.” A new person may substitute for an active registration for the same registration fee. Some attendee types are not eligible for substitutions.

Substitution Requirements

Do not cancel the original registration.

: No action is required if the new registrant will keep the same payment. If the payment method is changing, the new attendee must provide payment before a refund is issued to the original attendee. To change the method of payment, email

: If a hotel record exists in this record, it will be automatically transferred to the new registrant through 3:00pm Pacific Time, Tuesday, August 29. After 5:00pm Pacific Time, September 7, 2017, you must contact the hotel directly to transfer the hotel reservation. Please confirm all hotel dates and preferences carefully to ensure they match the requirements of the new registrant. The new registrant will be responsible for any hotel cancellation charges or no show fees if the reservation is not properly updated. Please refer to the hotel cancellation policy on the hotel page for further details.

The new registrant is responsible for canceling or changing travel reservations.

Note: Select passes are not eligible for online cancellations and/or substitution. Contact the registration team at if you do not see this option in your returning services.

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