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Group Manager
This tool allows one person to create and manage multiple registration records or to register on behalf of someone else. This is useful for individuals that need to register a team for their booth, multiple attendees from one company, or register someone other than him/herself. The individual that will be managing the multiple records must first create a Group Manager account.

To create a Group Manager account, click here and select "Register." Sign in with your Microsoft or LinkedIn account, select the option to "Register another person or group" and complete the required information for your Group Manager account. Please kindly note that conference passes are now sold out and have reached capacity. 

Once the Group Manager account is created, the Group Manager can register multiple individuals with registration codes, edit registration information, and cancel records. If the Group Manager is planning on attending the conference, they must also register themselves as an attendee by clicking on the “Register to Attend” link under the Group Manager Details section. Group Managers may access their registration by signing in via the registration website.

Note: If a registration is not completed within one business day, the passes selected will expire and be automatically removed from the registration. Registration and passes will be subject to availability.

Contact for additional assistance.

Creating a Group Manager Account from an Existing Registration
If you have already registered for Microsoft Ignite and now need to register more individuals, you can turn your existing registration into a Group Manager account. Sign in to your existing registration with your Microsoft or LinkedIn account, then click on the "Create a Group Manager Account" option under the Quick Links column on the right side of your Summary page. You may then add additional members to your group.

Request to Manage an Existing Registration
If you already have a Group Manager account, you may request to manage an existing registration that is in Registered status. Sign in to your existing registration with your Microsoft or LinkedIn account, then click on the "Manage Existing Registrant" option. Enter the last name of the attendee you would like to manage and his/her email address. Select "Submit request" when all fields have been filled out. The registrant will receive an email and must approve the request before you can manage the registration record.  
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