Updating or Cancelling Registrations

You may update or cancel your Microsoft Ignite registration by signing into the Microsoft Ignite registration website with your Microsoft account, LinkedIn, or Microsoft corporate domain credential (if applicable). Once you have signed in to your registration record, you may do the following:
  • Make a change to your registration information
  • View and print your current confirmation information
  • Create or edit your hotel reservations
  • Cancel your registration
  • View and print a copy of your current invoice or receipt
  • Create and print a copy of your Business Travel Support Letter

Once you have signed in to your record, choose the "Edit" link under the information you wish to update or choose "Cancel my Registration" if you are no longer able to attend.

Most attendee types are able to cancel and/or substitute online. However; some attendees may require review/approval and should email the Microsoft Ignite Registration Team directly for assistance.

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